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Dear Friend,


If you’re like most people… you probably feel like you’re living a life that is just “okay.” You go through each day with the same routine and the same patterns, but not really enjoying yourself.

Deep inside, you know that you’re destined to accomplish more. You want to feel happiness and joy. You want to experience fulfillment. And you want to make the most of every single moment you have available on this planet.

For most of us, true fulfillment and a sense of destiny are elusive. We’re conditioned to accept the lives we’re living now as “enough”… and we never take the leaps we need to take to discover and embrace just how incredible life can truly be!

Tell me if any of these sound familiar to you:



    • You feel like you’re stuck in a “rut”… and there’s a deep sense of boredom that’s keeping you from truly enjoying each day!
    • You feel trapped by the decisions you’ve made so far in your life… and you have no idea how to break free and experience real transformation!
    • You feel like you’re destined for something much greater than what you’re achieving now… but you don’t know what that “something” is!
    • You feel like your day to day life is running you… instead of you being in charge of your life!
    • You wish there was some way to finally break free and start living the fulfilled, empowered life YOU deserve!

My friend, if you recognize one or more of these struggles in your own life… it’s not your fault!

You see, we’re not trained to use the full potential of our minds. Most of us grow up around people who see human potential as “limited”… as if we are all mere functionaries that are destined to endure a monotonous, drab existence!

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

You Can Experience a Life-Changing Transformation… in Just Minutes per WEEK!

What if there was a simple way you could unlock the full power of your mind… discover the true destiny that resonates with every part of your being… and start living a life filled with happiness, adventure, and fulfillment!

What if, instead of spending hours each day on soul-searching techniques, self-help courses, or other time-consuming endeavors… you could transform your life in just 10-15 minutes a day?

And best of all, what if you could do it without spending a single penny?

    • You’d feel excited about your life, knowing that you finally have the power to break out of your day to day routine!
    • You’d feel empowered, knowing that you have the resources to tap into your full mind and take control of your life!
    • You’d feel relieved, knowing that past patterns and habits no longer have control over you!
    • You’d feel energetic, knowing that each day is yours to experience fulfillment and joy!

My friend, the journey to your true destiny begins today!

If You’re Ready to FINALLY Live Life to the Fullest… and Unleash the Awesome Potential of Your Mind… You NEED to “Get in the Loop!”

Loop of Destiny is a powerful, week-long program designed to inspire you and allow you to unlock every area of your mind… giving you the power to:

    • Discover and embrace your true destiny!
    • Let go of old patterns and create the change that manifests fulfillment!
    • Become empowered to eliminate suffering in your life!
    • Experience happiness in the big (and not so big) moments in your life!
    • Life your life on purpose and make the decisions that perfectly support your destiny!
    • Experience abundance – success that transcends money and material possessions!
    • And much, MUCH more!

Every Sunday morning, you’ll get a new video lesson in your email to empower you to master the three amazing areas of your mind:

    • Subconscious: This part of your mind, which is associated with your emotional memory, can help you recognize your destiny and dissolve old, unproductive patterns in your life!
    • Focal Conscious: This is the logical part of your mind that allows you to reason and make the right choices to turn your destiny into reality!
    • Super Conscious: This is what highly accomplished people call “the zone” – where serendipity and inspiration occurs to supercharge your success and help you accomplish more than you ever dreamed possible!

You’ll get new video lessons every week for an entire year because living on purpose is about practice. You’ll discover how to use the three areas of your mind in perfect harmony to experience happiness, dramatically increase your success, and live each day with purpose and clarity!

Byron Rodgers can show you how to transition from what IS to what SHOULD BE for you and your life’s path. You already inherently know that your life can be different. Byron Rodgers helps you pull that inner knowing to the surface to create the future you absolutely want.

Called an “Empowerment Strategist” by many, Byron Rodgers specializes in empowerment strategies that help you make the transition from living an unfulfilling life (“Is this really all there is?”) to a truly fulfilling life of purpose, passion and destiny.

John from Spain

"Byron Rogers has been a friend and a motivation to me, let me explain, I first meet Byron over a phone conversation about 9 months ago, I was still in Spain when we first made contact, now after relocating back to the U.S, 7 months ago and with just my suitcase and a few bucks, I’m currently Corporate Security Manager for a very large corporation in Los Angeles and also owning my own P.M.C located in Belize and providing executive security all throughout Europe, Asia and Africa and now offering my company’s services all throughout Mexico and South America, Also I have just been blessed in being able to purchase my first car in the U.S and I have finally got my own apartment. Byron’s continuous motivating words and his going forward sprit has keep me moving forward. Thank you my Friend and I hope many others can become inspired from your words. You are the Alchemist!!!"

Service Category: Business Consultant

Year first hired: 2013

Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity
Anthony  from Seattle

"Many times throughout our journey in life we will approach a variety of crossroads. Some of these are minor like what should I have for dinner? The defining ones are life changing. I came to one of these crossroads last year. I was comfortable. Going through the motions of life instead of living.

That's when Byron and I connected. Through a series of conversations he helped me find my purpose and take a calculated leap of faith to start achieving my goals and exceeding my potential as a man.

We all need to have someone that believes in us and motivates us to regain our stride towards success, Byron was that person for me."


Eric from Philadelphia

I have been fortunate enough to participate in Mr. Byron Rodger's program which, and I have no doubt in my mind that this is true, became available right around the time that I personally needed it most in my life.  As the proverbial saying goes, I was "on the edge."  Nothing at the time was working and I felt a hopelessness that I did not think would ever go away.  I was stuck, sad, angry, and giving up on what I felt was a pathetic and meaningless existence.  I remember exactly how I came across hearing about the Loop of Destiny but I do know that it has single-highhandedly changed my perception about how life is and how it could and should be.  I write this review still applying the principals and skills that I learned at this very moment.  Mr. Rodgers program took me from being an employer of a job that I hated to owning two of my own businesses and still having the time I need to spend with those that matter to me most.  The only thing that I can say to anyone reading this is that you must free your mind, stop living an existence meant for the meek, and learn how to live life "with true freedom and without fear."    


"A man's worth is no greater than the worth of his ambitions." - Marcus Aurelius (Roman Emperor 121-180 B.C.)

Cameron from Florida
"I would just like to take a moment to say how grateful I am today for Byron Rodgers and what he has done for me through his Empowerment Strategy Sessions. Prior to hiring him as a life coach I struggled with severe procrastination, depression, and could not hold a job to save my life. Through the several months of working with him I have found new meaning to life and finally see life for its wondrous beauty in which it truly is and learn from the negativity I encounter from time to time and turn it into something positive. I have a strict and structured daily schedule now that allows me to accomplish everything that I need to in that given day along with some long term goals as well. Thanks to Byron I am currently working for one of the most elite and highest paying executive protection details in the United States now. I am also going to school part time for holistic medicine. Thank you so much Byron for all that you do and all you have done for me. You are truly like a brother to me now. Thank so much, I am forever in debt to you."